Friday, March 15, 2019

Finishing Tutorial for Fun & Fancy Free Sewing Roll

You are finished stitching the three pieces of the Fun & Fancy Free series and you are just not sure how to finish them. Hopefully this little tutorial will help you to complete them into a sewing roll. The model was stitched on three different linens, all the same thread count, 32 count. The tutorial will assume that three parts are stitched on three separate linen pieces, all 32 count.

In addition to the three stitched pieces, you will need fusible interfacing, cotton fabric and a ribbon for tie. A sewing machine will make the seams and hemming go much faster, but they can be done by hand if that is your preference.

1. Press the stitched pieces.
2. Trim the stitched pieces as follows. Assumes you are looking at stitched side of fabric.
               1. On part #1, trim 1" away from stitches on top, bottom and left hand side. Trim 1/2" away from stitching on right hand side.
               2. On part #2, trim 1" away from stitches on top and bottom. Trim 1/2" away from stitching on both left and right hand sides.
               3. On part #3, trim 1" away from top, bottom and right hand sides. Trim 1/2" away from stitching on left hand side.
3. Cut three pieces of fusible interfacing: 7 1/4" x 5 1/2". As per manufacturer's instructions, apply to back of stitched pieces, covering the stitching. The fusible will be slightly smaller, than stitched area, that is fine.

4. With a 1/2" seam allowance and with right sides together, connect all three pieces of stitching, aligning the cross stitches that form a continuous pattern. **Tip** - If you are having problems getting the cross stitches to match up exactly, stitch a "mini" seam right at the connecting points and then go back and stitch the entire seam length.
5. Press seams open to help distribute the bulk for the hemming step.

6. Choosing & Cutting the Backing Fabric. You will need to cut a piece of cotton backing fabric 25 1/4" x 9 1/2". For the model, I used cotton fabric from Molly B's Studio by Marcus Fabrics, design # 4636-0116. When deciding on a backing fabric, I like to pull many options out to see what gives the look I am going for. The backing fabric, especially when part of it shows on the front as in this case, can really change the overall effect of the final piece. The following photos show how different colors of backing fabric highlight different areas of stitching. 

If I am having a hard time deciding on a fabric to use, because I am loving them all, I will clip or pin the fabrics around the stitched piece and take photos with my phone. Then I go back and review the photos and it really helps to isolate the piece to make the final decision. In this case, I used Fabric #3. Note how just the little bit of the cotton fabric color can change the overall appearance of the piece.
7. Press cotton fabric and then cut fusible for the cotton fabric, 25" x 9". Center fusible on back of cotton fabric and adhere according to manufacturer's instructions.
8. With WRONG sides together, center stitched piece on top of cotton fabric. Pin in place. You should have 1" of cotton fabric around all of stitched piece. Baste the two pieces together, 1/4" away from edge of cross stitched piece.
9. Hemming sides. Take the edge of cotton fabric, fold to edge of linen, then fold that piece up and over the linen. Pin or clip in place. **Tip** - I like to use Wonderclips when hemming! Work around entire piece, until it is prepared for hemming. Mitre the corners!! Stitch a 3/8" hem. Removing pins or clips as you stitch.

10. Choose a coordinating ribbon for the tie. I used a vintage grosgrain that is 1 1/2" wide. Cut the ribbon to a 28" length. Fold the ribbon in half and tack to left hand side of stitching in hem seam. 

11. You are all finished! You may want to give it another press, just to finish it to perfection. Be sure to press on the cotton side or use a press cloth if pressing over the needlework. Roll the sewing roll up and put into your stitching basket for a future stitch reference. Enjoy!!

Happy Stitching!! Beth


  1. Beth, I loved seeing you again on Kim’s latest FlossTube. Having recently finished the coverlet biscornu 🤗 I wanted another. When I searched your company’s name your blog came up. Seriously! How is I that I missed this?!? I’ve been dying for a good tutorials of various smalls, and this will be perfect for storing different sizes of needles. Your amazing. Just thought you ought to know. Judy