Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stitching Jubilee

Starting today through Saturday, October 14-16, at the Lancaster County Convention Center, in Lancaster, PA, the third annual Stitching Jubilee will be held. This year features 16 exhibitors, stitching technique classes and networking with stitchers from across the country. I do not have a booth, but I will be attending on Saturday to join the excitement. If you would like more information, such as directions, etc. the website is: I am looking forward to the experience as I have not attended in the past, but friends that have, highly recommend it.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shop Visit: The Village Stitchery

One of my very favorite cross stitch shops is The Village Stitchery outside of Lewisburg, PA. Located in an 1871 one room school house, the shop radiates warmth as soon as you enter through the back door. Lisa, the shop's owner, is a display wizard, incorporating the many, many finished models (all of which she has stitched!) along with antiques into clever vignettes throughout the shop. She carries a wide array of threads, fabrics and charts, anything the discerning stitcher needs. Lisa also offers finishing services and framing. The shop is always a source of inspiration to me. Take note in the photo with the fireplace, Lisa stitched my Nine Shaft Sampler and it is on display on a vintage chair. Thanks Lisa for creating a stitcher's heaven!! For more information on The Village Stitchery, the website is:

As Always,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christmas Ornament using Lace Trellis chart

I sent a shipment of Lace Trellis off to Hoffman last Friday, so hopefully it will be ready for distribution this Friday. Please visit your local needlework shop and request it. If you don't have a shop, let me know and I will help you find one.

As promised here is another alternative application for Lace Trellis, as a Christmas ornament. The ornament is a cube, created from six squares of perforated paper. After cross stitching the Lace Trellis motif, I decided it needed a little sparkle to catch the light while hanging on the tree. I added a few Mill Hill beads to this effect. I then used a herringbone stitch to attach the sides together. The top and bottom are the tricky sides, my solution was to use two needles, one on each end of the thread and then create the stitch in a back and forth manner. The result is a neat little three-dimensional ornament that works up pretty quickly.

Happy Wednesday!!