Wednesday, October 31, 2012

N-O-E-L, Calico Sampler in Holiday Colors

Calico Sampler - Noel

Hi Friends!

As promised yesterday, here is the conversion to stitch this wonderful adaptation of Calico Sampler. It is the thread wizardry of my friend Carol, she is the one who took my charts and adapted them to Holiday colors. The fabric she stitched on is a 32 ct. opalescent. I am sorry that I don't have more information than that, but it was in her stash and she wasn't quite sure who manufactured it. She also made a few other changes, she did not stitch the upper and lower bands as herringbone stitch, but as an alternating cross stitch. Also, as Carol is not a fan of Algerian eye stitch (and I am, LOL!) she stitched those as Smyrna crosses or double cross stitches. So without further ado, here is the Holiday Floss Key:


I hope you enjoy this festive version and send me photos of your innovations. I would love to see them!!

Happy Stitching and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calico Sampler No. 6 - P-Q-R

Calico Sampler #6 - P-Q-R

The next chapter of Calico Sampler is ready! As I told you yesterday, I shipped the charts to the shops on my automatic on Saturday, before the storm hit, so they should be arriving soon. Haven't shipped to the distributors yet, but I should in the next few days. I love the letter "Q," I think it is my favorite letter, it has such movement in the calligraphy.

Calico Sampler - up to R

Here is a photo of the entire sampler to date. I am really loving this design! I have never stitched anything as large as this before, so it is pretty exciting to me to watch it develop. I am not quite sure how I will finish it yet. I have picked out a frame from Priscilla's Pocket, but if I frame the piece, then it will be too large to include in my trunk show. So, still thinking about the final finishing. Any suggestions?

Be watching my blog, as tomorrow I am going to post the color key and photo to create the "N-O-E-L" version that my friend Carol stitched. I had the piece on display at the Baltimore Market last month.

Until tomorrow...happy stitching!!


Meet Bailey

Hi Friends!

I wanted to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Miss Bailey. She is now 15 weeks old and filling our lives with puppy humor. The cat is still adjusting to his new canine friend and not all that convinced she is a friend. Bailey on the other hand, loves the cat!! Oh what fun our pets bring us.

Hope you all fared well in the storm. We have a bunch of branches on the ground from our trees, but that is about it. Obviously, still have power, so we lucked out there.

Still trying to work on this blogger/image thing, so more posts to come.

All my Best,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Calico Sampler M-N-O Corrections

Calico Sampler #5 - M-N-O

Hi Stitching Friends!

I have a lot of stuff to share with you, but I am having issues with the blogging interface. So, since I really want to get these corrections to you, I will forgo all of the photos and other info I have for you and just concentrate on this.

The Calico Sampler No. 5 chart, which is M-N-O, has a few mistakes on the chart. The first one is that the star symbol does not have a corresponding thread. It should be GAST Carriage Black, so star symbol = Carriage Black. The second is there is not a corresponding thread for the "o" symbol. It should be GAST Brandy. Brandy is listed as the double infinity symbol, this is correct, so Brandy = o and double infinity symbol. My sincerest apologies for these mistakes. I have changed my proofing methods, so I hope to avoid these type of mistakes in the future.

On another note, the next "chapter" of Calico Sampler P-Q-R was shipped to shops on my automatic program on Saturday, ahead of the "Big Storm." It will not be sent to the distributors until after Hurricane Sandy is finished disrupting our lives. So, be looking for it. I will upload a photo as soon as I figure out how to get my photos from Flickr onto the blog.

Keep stitching and I hope you all of you on the East Coast stay safe from "Sandy!!"

All my Best,

10/30/12 - I think I am figuring out the whole "code" thing for the images!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 Baltimore Market Sneak Peak

Hi Friends!

The Fall Market in Baltimore is coming up quickly! This wholesale market runs from September 7 - 9. I will have three new releases available at the Market. Without further ado, here is a sneak peak of the goodies to come...

Indian Summer-sneakpeak

The first is Indian Summer. I will post another photo once the frame comes in. I expect it today. It is a beauty from Priscilla's Pocket. Indian Summer features a warm autumn palette, just the right hues to remind us of the in between time between summer and fall. From the center of the design, a By Jupiter! sun charm radiates its warmth. The charm is included with the chart. The model was stitched with DMC floss on 35 ct. Lambswool linen from Wichelt.

sonnet & pincushion

Next is Sonnet, inspired by Shakespeare's most famous sonnet, 116. I absolutely love this design and once I started working on it the ideas kept coming, so Sonnet is a little booklet with charts and instructions for three projects. The main chart is a perfect memento of any special occasion. An alphabet is included, so you can personalize the initials and dates. If the dusty pink/reds don't fit your purpose, then changing them is very easy. Just use four shades of the same color, from light to dark, and you will change the entire personality of the piece. The model was stitched on 35 ct. Lambswool linen from Wichelt with floss from The Gentle Art.

I know, two projects stitched on the same linen? What is up with that? I absolutely fell in love with this linen and knew the moment I saw it that it was the perfect fabric for Indian Summer. Then, while choosing the colors for Sonnet, I just happened to place them on top of a scrap of the fabric and once again, there was no other fabric.

Sonnet pincushion

Sonnet also features a pincushion design. The model was stitched on 32 ct. Belfast linen from Zweigart in Dark Chocolate with floss from The Gentle Art.

sonnet mixed media

The third project in Sonnet is something a little different, it is a mixed media piece featuring cross stitch. I enjoy the creativity that goes into one of these projects. Your imagination is the limit. The stitching medium is perforated paper, which is then added to a floral background with poem printed on it. The background piece is printed on the chart, so all you have to do is cut it out. And follow all of the instructions of course! There is plenty of room for your own creativity as well. Using the same alphabet from the main piece, you can personalize it with your own information and special mementos.

The third new release is the next line of Calico Sampler, M-N-O. No photo yet, I started writing this and realized that I hadn't taken the photo yet. So, I will upload that at the same time I add the complete photo of Indian Summer. But, while we are talking about Calico Sampler, I wanted to share a photo from a stitcher. I had a special request for the "W" a bit early from the Kranberry Kupboard in Hatboro, PA. Their stitcher wanted to create a special wedding piece and wanted to use the alphabet from Calico Sampler. Here is her finished piece, I think it turned out wonderfully!

Calico Sampler "W"

Enjoy your last days of August, there is a chill in the evening air, so Fall is on its way!

All my Best,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Correction on Calico Sampler No. 4 Chart

Hi All!

Thought I would let you know that a mistake was uncovered on my Calico Sampler No. 4 Chart. This is the J-K-L chart. The "K" is noted with an "X" on the chart, but it should be an open heart. So, instead of stitching the "K" with GAST Pumpkin Pie, it should be stitched with GAST Heirloom Gold. So sorry for the mistake, I hope I have caught you in time before you stitch the wrong color.

All my Best,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Calico Sampler is Growing!!

Calico Sampler - A-L

Hi Friends!

Another row has been added to Calico Sampler! The chart, no. 4 in the series, is now available through Hoffman Distributing and Norden Crafts and from your favorite needlework shop.

Calico Sampler -J-K-L

A close up of the newest row. Five more rows to go after this one. I absolutely love how this sampler is progressing. It is just as fun to stitch in July as it was in January!

An update for those of you waiting for Summer Garden, I am stitching the model. So...hopefully I will be sending the chart off to the printer next week. That is my goal anyway!!

On another note, I have been busy designing for new releases at the Fall Market in Baltimore in September. I will give a few sneak peaks as those designs develop. I have to hurry and get Summer Garden off of my frame, cause I am "itching" to start on these new designs!

Siri, the wild panther kitten

I have to share some photos of my son's new kitten, Siri. He is like a little panther and constantly busy. He loves boxes and chasing ping-pong balls around in them. He was a constant source of entertainment for us during their visit.

Siri in box

Hope you all are enjoying the fun of summer!! I am enjoying a day with my windows open and AC off.

All my Best,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Calico Sampler No. 3 is Released

Calico Sampler-GHI

Hi Friends!

For all of you out there eagerly awaiting the next installment of Calico Sampler, it is out! I mailed the charts to both Hoffman and Norden and also the many shops on my automatic program last Saturday. So, you should be finding it in your local needlework shop and on the distributor's "what's new" listings. I must say, this sampler is not growing old on me at all. I love each row as I create and stitch it. The next line, J-K-L, is all designed and I hope to stitch the model this weekend.

Here is a look at the complete sampler so far.

Calico Sampler - 3 rows

I have had many emails from stitchers about how much they are enjoying the sampler. One stitcher I thought had a marvelous idea. She is stitching the letters of her initials in darker colors, so that they will stand out more. A great way to personalize the sampler!!

Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition

Woodlawn Mansion

I viewed the spectacular needlework exhibition at Woodlawn Plantation two weeks ago. If you live within driving distance, I would completely recommend it to you. Although the show is in it's 49th year, I had never been there before. It is so inspiring and the needlework showcased is incredible. Do try to get there if you can. Needlework in a historic home, what more could you ask for! Here is a link with more information for you. The show runs until 10 June.

And once you are reinvigorated from Woodlawn, stop in at In Stitches in Alexandria, VA. It is literally a hop, skip and a jump from Woodlawn. A wonderful shop, chock full of cross-stitch and needlepoint supplies from fibers, to fabric, canvases, you name it, it is there, including charts from Summer House Stitche Workes. ;)

Happy Stitching!

p.s. Punishment for not posting for a month is that Blogger has updated its interface. While most seems to be the same as it was, the way I posted photos is not, so please bear with me, I will try to fix this code as soon as I can.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Calico Sampler No. 2 & Seasons in Stitches

Calico Sampler-2 rows

Hi Friends!

A little sneak peak of the next row of Calico Sampler. I am picking up the charts this afternoon from the printers, so they will soon be on their way to shops. The photo above is the entire sampler so far, with two rows completed.

Calico Sampler No.2

This photo is just of D, E & F, which is Calico Sampler No. 2. This row adds two new Gentle Arts threads to the palatte, Carriage Black and Heirloom Gold. Fabric is Weeks Dye Works 3o ct. Straw and I am stitching over 2 threads. I just love how this sampler is progressing. The colors compliment each other well and create a relaxed look. The borders that accompany each letter are so fun, I am imagining all sorts of little uses for them, such as bookmarks, curtain tiebacks, etc. And then there are the letters themselves. The calligraphic alphabet is so fanciful! Be looking for Calico Sampler No. 2 soon at your local needlework shop.

Seasons in Stitches - Spring Basket

This little ditty is my contribution to TNNA's Seasons in Stitches collaborative project. The free-bee charts were distributed to shop owners at the Phoenix Winter Show in January and at the Nashville show in February. Thought you would enjoy a photo of the finished piece. I finished mine into a scissor pocket, using fabrics from Moda.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Calico Sampler Stitch Count

Calico Sampler

Hi All!

I neglected to include the overall stitch count for the finished Calico Sampler on the leaflet, that is all nine parts of the series. It is 146 x 470. My model is stitched on 30 count Weeks Dye Works Straw linen. I hope this helps as you are preparing your fabric.

All my best,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back Home Again

Hi Friends!

Well, this morning we are back on the road again headed home. It has been an incredible market, I am still in awe of the response that I received. The air here in Nashville was just full of excitement for the needlework world. I am so rejuvenated, that my mind is a whirl from ideas swirling around. A great big thank you to all of the shops that supported me. It was grand to meet all of you and I hope the alliances that we formed will only grow stronger with time. For all of you stitchers, I hope you are excited, because new Summer House Stitche Workes charts are on their way to you.

All my Best,

Friday, February 24, 2012

We're Here!

and all ready to go. The room is set up, charts are bagged and we are just waiting for 7pm for the Early Bird sales to start. Here are a few pics of the displays.

nashville window display

The first is of the window display. I have had a lot of people stop and check out Sylvania, so I think she will be very popular this weekend.

nashville display 2

Next is the main display, where the bulk of my designs are.

nashville display

And the third display on the tv stand. I can't wait to go out and visit the other exhibitors and also to visit with shop owners.

More to come as Nashville unfolds...

All my Best,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nashville Preview

Hi Friends!

Here are my new releases for the upcoming Nashville Market!


The first is Sylvania, which you had a little snippet of previously. I absolutely adore this folky design. A lucky shop owner will be taking her home, as I am raffling off the model at the show.

Spring Garden

Next is Spring Garden. A continuation of my seasonal garden series. The model is stitched on 30ct. Ligonier Latte from R & R Reproductions with floss from The Gentle Art.

Calico Sampler

The third new release is the first installment in my 2012 Sampler, Calico Sampler. It will be presented in nine leaflets, three letters in each leaflet. It features a wonderful calligraphic alphabet enhanced with a different border on each letter. A little on the primitive side, but that is what makes a great sampler. Stitched on Weeks Dye Works Straw linen with floss from The Gentle Art.

Just in time for Spring, I will have a fun little free-bee chart for all shops that purchase from me at the show. And a special preview of my design Symphonic Romance that will be featured in the June 2012 issue of Just CrossStitch. So, if you are a shop owner, come enjoy the new designs and some Hersheys chocolate in suite #415.

Lastly, I have to share a photo of my special kitty, Lego. While I have been running around the house like a mad woman for the last month, he can enjoy his little naps. Isn't he just a darling...

Lego Relaxed

Can't wait to see you in Nashville!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nashville Sneak Peek ~ Sylvania

Sylvania sneak peek

Hi Friends!

I am so excited to be exhibiting at my first Nashville Market this month. Getting ready for it has completely taken over my life. I will have three new releases and will give you a preview in the coming days as the model stitching is finished up and they are framed. Here is a little sneak peek of Sylvania, the first of a collaboration with Brenda Kocher from Brenda Kocher Designs. We decided we wanted to design a few pieces that had a similar theme and chose Baltimore Album quilts as our inspiration. Our series is entitled Baltimore Brides and Sylvania is my first contribution. She is a fun gal, a bit whimsical and is most at home in a woodland grove. From a design point of view, she is a study in monochromism, using a wide variety of greens. She is stitched on 28 count Doubloon linen from Picture This Plus using DMC floss. I can't wait to fully introduce you, but she is waiting for a frame, which I will not get to until tomorrow. The frame is an East Side Mouldings This Old House in Parlour Green.

It is funny how the design process sometimes works for me, I kept playing around with several ideas for this piece and nothing was working. I was starting to panic (just a little), But once everything came together I was so excited with the design that I dropped everything else I was working on to stitch Sylvania. She also went through quite a few names, but I finally decided on Sylvania. Be watching for more updates.

I have to get back to stitching...

All my Best,