Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Postcards from the Heart - assembly video

Hi Stitching Friends!

I have created a video tutorial, so you can see how I have assembled my "Postcards from the Heart." The feature "Postcard" is Home, which will be released at the end of April. I hope you enjoy.

All my Best,

YouTube video - Postcards from the Heart - finish assembly tutorial

Some suggested "found objects" to add to your "Postcards"
• Cancelled stamps
• Ribbon/Trim/Rick-Rack/Lace/Fabric
• Yo-yo's/Wool Pennys
• Buttons/Sewing Notions/Needle Packs
• Charms
• Old Letters/Poems/Pages from old books
• Typewriter Keys
• Game Pieces - Dominos/Scrabble tiles
• Skeleton Keys
• Outdoor house address letters/numerals
• Bottle cap
• Natural pieces - feather/acorn/pinecone/shell
• Old wallpaper
• Watch fob/Clockface
• Photographs/slides/viewmaster reels
• Old Jewelry - pins/bracelets/earrings
• Souvenirs - ticket fobs/old advertising/maps