Friday, February 11, 2011

My Stitching Heritage

Calisca's Stitching

If someone was to ask me about my most prized possessions, I would have to include this little piece of linen that my great-grandmother, Calisca Diana Hoy Corman cross-stitched on her 17th birthday. As a child, my Grandfather was sharing our family history with me, including some old family Bibles. As we were leafing through the pages, I discovered this little piece of linen. It is about 3.5 inches in length and 2 inches in width. We were both confused with the "f" in her name, which I later learned in German class was properly used for a double "s." The Hoy family by this time spoke and wrote in English, so the "s" must have just been a little leftover from their German ancestors. My Grandfather also thought the "7" was a "9," since she was married in 1875, it makes sense that she stitched this on her 17th birthday.

Calisca's Stitching-close-up
As a stitcher, I have become fascinated with how small the stitches really are. They are absolutely miniscule. I can't imagine stitching them, especially without very strong magnification!! I have no idea why she decided to stitch her name and date on this piece of linen, other than it was her birthday, but I am glad she did. I don't know much about her besides her basic statistics, but I know that she could stitch. I hope that someday my great-granddaughter can look at one of my workes and feel connected to me through the stitches as I do with Calisca.

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  1. Beth,
    Hello! Vonna told us to come on over and give you a warm welcome. How awesome you have in your possession a piece of linen your great-grandmother stitched using her own hands. This is so cool and the story behind it is so neat. You are lucky to have this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi! Vonna sent me. So happy to see a new blogger. You are so fortunate to have that piece of stitching - it's wonderful - and so is the story behind it.

  3. Hi Beth, cute blog, adore your heirloom stitchery. Welcome from the Finger Lakes Region!

  4. Welcome Beth-Vonna sent us all over here. You have a lovely blog and what a wonderful heirloom you have. WOW!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Welcome to blogland! Congrats on your designs!

    Happy Stitching!

  6. Hi Beth, I saw a post from Vonna about your blog, It's wonderful and I love the story about your Great Grandmother. What a wonder piece of history you have.


  7. What a wonderful piece of family history! I would cherish it also. I got to your blog via a post from Vonna. Glad to have found your blog!

  8. I too have learned of your blog from Vonna.
    I love your little stitching from your Gt Grandma... how very special to have!

  9. I'm another stitcher that learned about your blog from Vonna. :) I love your George Washington design!

    Oh, how neat to have a bit of stitching from your ancestor. I'm sure you will treasure it!

  10. What a treasure you have! I don't blame your for prizing it so!
    I have enjoyed wandering through your blog!

  11. Wow, to be holding in your hand something so old and so precious, gives me goosebumps! What beautiful handiwork your Great Grandma had, her stitches are so perfect for being so small. It is a priceless treasure :)
    I love your blog, it is so beautiful, and so are your designs.
    It is so nice to "meet" you, Beth.

  12. Hi, I'm another stitcher who arrived here via Vonna's blog!
    What an amazing piece of history you have in your hands. A family treasure just doesn't begin to describe it.