Monday, April 22, 2013

Dyslexic Sampler?

dyslexic sampler

Hi Folks!

While antiquing this past weekend, I happened along a strange sampler and I was hoping that collectively maybe we could shed some light on this particular sampler. Either way I thought it was an interesting piece to share. When I first looked at it, I thought, they have framed it backwards, perhaps to show the quality of the stitching. But then I noticed the second row of lettering is correct. Anybody have any ideas on this one, as to why it would have been stitched this way? I apologize for the poor photo, the sampler was up rather high on the wall with a pole in front of it, so this was about as good as I could get with my phone.

Let me know your thoughts.



  1. Interesting find, sorry I can't help solve the mystery.

  2. very interesting. I hope you find out more info about this piece!!

  3. How strange, i hope someone can answer your question.