Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Postcards from the Heart - assembly video

Hi Stitching Friends!

I have created a video tutorial, so you can see how I have assembled my "Postcards from the Heart." The feature "Postcard" is Home, which will be released at the end of April. I hope you enjoy.

All my Best,

YouTube video - Postcards from the Heart - finish assembly tutorial

Some suggested "found objects" to add to your "Postcards"
• Cancelled stamps
• Ribbon/Trim/Rick-Rack/Lace/Fabric
• Yo-yo's/Wool Pennys
• Buttons/Sewing Notions/Needle Packs
• Charms
• Old Letters/Poems/Pages from old books
• Typewriter Keys
• Game Pieces - Dominos/Scrabble tiles
• Skeleton Keys
• Outdoor house address letters/numerals
• Bottle cap
• Natural pieces - feather/acorn/pinecone/shell
• Old wallpaper
• Watch fob/Clockface
• Photographs/slides/viewmaster reels
• Old Jewelry - pins/bracelets/earrings
• Souvenirs - ticket fobs/old advertising/maps


  1. Hello, I just bought your Pin Money Pocket limited edition kit. I'm reading your finishing instructions and I'm kinda getting confused. It is very difficult to visualize the steps. Do you think that you could post photos or have an assembly video?

  2. Hi Stephanie! So sorry to hear you are having trouble with the finishing instructions for Pin Money Pocket. I will need to create a new "pocket" and take some photos, but I can do that for you, so you can understand the directions better. Give me a couple of days to get the photos together. Thank you for posting! Beth