Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Market at Washingtonburg

This past weekend, my family and I attended the living history event, The Market at Washingtonburg in Carlisle, PA. It was fun and interesting to "meet" the folks that forged through the forest of early Pennsylvania. The re-enactors took on different personas and explained about their living conditions on the Frontier. As a cross-stitcher, one of the most interesting exhibits of the day for me was the making of linen from flax. The Early American woman would take the flax grown in her own fields to create a fine fabric of durable quality. She used that fabric to cloth her family, decorate her home and of course, teach her daughters to stitch on. All of the tools needed for this process could be created from readily available raw materials, albeit the spinning wheel would take an experience woodworker to create. One of the re-enactors even shared her "housewife" with me. It was certainly an enjoyable experience and an event I look forward to attending next September.

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