Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catching up with Summer House

E. Pluribus Unum

E. Pluribus Unum Release
E. Pluribus Unum is ready for your stitching pleasure! It will be available starting tomorrow through The Needlework Show. This is an online show, running April 14 - 19, open to wholesale customers only. Contact your favorite shop, brick and mortar or online, as they will have "customer view" pages for your perusal. Here is a link to the show: My show special is free shipping to any shop within the US.

Studio Rearrangement
One of my favorite pastimes is rearranging my living spaces. I have had this condition since I was a child. My family has always been very patient and understanding with me. Quite a lot to ask of them, since on any given day, my hubby will come home and the living room will be completely rearranged. Sometimes my kids would wake up in one bedroom and go to sleep in a different one. I can justify it by various explanations such as space usage evolving and the current set-up just doesn't work or the kids need more room to set up a train track. How about we need to wear the carpet evenly. Whatever my line is, moving furniture just plain ol' makes me happy! Sometimes my new configuration doesn't work, but then you get the opportunity to try something else. It is always a win-win situation, for me at least.

This past weekend, my studio was on the agenda. Since moving into this house two years ago, I have had this room in at least three different configurations. (Sometimes I just move a few pieces, so that doesn't really count.) It is a large room, as it is the formal living room of the house, so I share the space with a conversation area and the piano. This is a very important room to me, since I spend a considerable amount of time in it each day. I needed a space where my creative energy can be unleashed, in whatever project I am working on. My problem with my previous arrangement was it was more like an office, instead of a studio. I concluded that I needed a work table, more than I needed a desk. I needed a place where I could throw fabric across to cut for a finishing project or perhaps paint a shelf along with the usual office duties of computer and files. So, take a look at my result. I think the arrangement is much better. (I always say that!!! Just part of the "condition.")

studio left

The studio from the left. I use old picnic baskets to organize and store ribbon, linen, drawing tools, etc.

studio right

And looking to the right. The closet in the foyer holds fabric and art supplies.

burlap bulletin board

The first project that I created on my new work table was this burlap bulletin board. I covered foamboard with a piece of burlap and framed it in an old frame that I bought years ago. Take note of the push pins. I glued thumbtacks to vintage buttons, so that I have a complete needle art look.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great day!!

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