Monday, April 4, 2011

E. Pluribus Unum Preview

E. Pluribus Unum preview

My apologies for being a horrible blogger during the month of March. I have been busy stitching away, mostly on my newest release E. Pluribus Unum. It is an adaptation of the Great Seal, based on an old wool coverlet I saw woven in 1852. I stitched it using Weeks Dye Works over-dyed floss (in Kohl) on 28 count Weeks Dye Works gingham linen. I stitched it over one, just because I wanted the finished image to be small, but the chart can be read as over two just as well. More photos to come, as I get it framed. It will be released at the Online Needlework Show on April 14 - 19 2011, so see your favorite shop, as the show is open to wholesale customers only.

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  1. It's spectacular. Very American.