Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calico Sampler No. 6 - P-Q-R

Calico Sampler #6 - P-Q-R

The next chapter of Calico Sampler is ready! As I told you yesterday, I shipped the charts to the shops on my automatic on Saturday, before the storm hit, so they should be arriving soon. Haven't shipped to the distributors yet, but I should in the next few days. I love the letter "Q," I think it is my favorite letter, it has such movement in the calligraphy.

Calico Sampler - up to R

Here is a photo of the entire sampler to date. I am really loving this design! I have never stitched anything as large as this before, so it is pretty exciting to me to watch it develop. I am not quite sure how I will finish it yet. I have picked out a frame from Priscilla's Pocket, but if I frame the piece, then it will be too large to include in my trunk show. So, still thinking about the final finishing. Any suggestions?

Be watching my blog, as tomorrow I am going to post the color key and photo to create the "N-O-E-L" version that my friend Carol stitched. I had the piece on display at the Baltimore Market last month.

Until tomorrow...happy stitching!!


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