Wednesday, October 31, 2012

N-O-E-L, Calico Sampler in Holiday Colors

Calico Sampler - Noel

Hi Friends!

As promised yesterday, here is the conversion to stitch this wonderful adaptation of Calico Sampler. It is the thread wizardry of my friend Carol, she is the one who took my charts and adapted them to Holiday colors. The fabric she stitched on is a 32 ct. opalescent. I am sorry that I don't have more information than that, but it was in her stash and she wasn't quite sure who manufactured it. She also made a few other changes, she did not stitch the upper and lower bands as herringbone stitch, but as an alternating cross stitch. Also, as Carol is not a fan of Algerian eye stitch (and I am, LOL!) she stitched those as Smyrna crosses or double cross stitches. So without further ado, here is the Holiday Floss Key:


I hope you enjoy this festive version and send me photos of your innovations. I would love to see them!!

Happy Stitching and Happy Halloween!

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