Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Battle of Gettysburg ~ Sesquicentennial

Gettysburg Battlefield

150 years ago today, July 2, 1863, my great-great grandfather, Zachariah Truckenmiller, was fighting in one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, The Wheatfield at Gettysburg. The twenty acre field changed hands six times during the course of the day and over 6,000 men where killed, wounded or captured there.

148th PA Regiment Monument

The monument honoring the 148th Pennsylvania Infantry where they fought at the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.

Pennsylvania Monument

The Pennsylvania Monument. As a child, it kept us quite busy looking for Zachariah's name on the Pennsylvania monument. His name is too long and doesn't fit, so it is just Z. Truckenmiller. It is in the center group of names on the right hand side of the photo below.

Zachariah's name

High Water Mark

The High Water Mark.

Gettysburg Field

If you have never had a chance to tour Gettysburg, I highly recommend it. It is a hauntingly, beautiful place. We toured the Battlefield once again in May and experienced the new visitor's center. We were impressed with how the history of both sides was presented and also the aftermath of the battle and how it effected the people of Gettysburg. It is truly sacred American ground.


  1. OMGosh that is super awesome to have found your grandfather's name there. We haven't been in years but you can be sure if I ever go again, I will look up his name too!

  2. We were there two summers ago...and I have a picture of that same barn hanging in my house, that I took there on a lovely June morning touring the battlefield. I've been to Gettysburg twice in my life and both times it was a honor to walk the fields, hills and valleys....

  3. Hi Beth,
    Oh I love Gettysburg.
    We were out there 2 weeks ago with our two teen age grandchildren and took the battle field tour with a guide in our car...it was awesome.
    I never get tired of seeing this place.
    Oh the Cyclorama was incredible -